There's a Reason Superheroes Drive Audis

Audi has more than earned its reputation as one of the best car manufacturers in the business. Blow-your-hair-back speed, championing endurance, cutting-edge technology and unmatchable style have all now become synonymous with the four rings logo. Audi has mastered the craft of building cars impossible not to appreciate, including some of the world's best racing cars to ever hit the tracks. In fact, it's getting harder and harder to remember a time where Audi hasn't dominated Le Mans, the world's oldest active and most prestigious sports automobile endurance race.

Audi has been setting records since its inception, so it doesn't take Tony Stark's genius to understand why Audi is the leading brand of choice for superheroes.

Audi teamed up with Marvel Studios over a decade ago in a collaboration that has proved to serve both companies exceptionally well. Since Tony Stark first introduced Marvel fans everywhere to his iconic Audi R8 in 2008, multiple Marvel superheroes across the universe (and the multiverse) have showcased the capabilities of various Audi models in a cinematically awe-inspiring and unforgettable way.

Vice President in Marketing of Audi of America, Loren Angelo explains how the Audi-Marvel collaboration, quite simply, just made sense:

"When we read the script for Iron Man, he was someone who was self-made. He utilized technology and a certain level of personal intelligence to create great things. That was a perfect fit for Audi because that's exactly what we've done with our brand."

Mutual enjoyment in taking giant strides in technological innovation, a resilient sense of tenacity, the desire to charge headfirst into difficult complications and come out stronger than ever, exceptional performance, unbeatable speed, and a shameless sense of creativity and style make for an ideal combination between Audi and the universe's greatest superheroes.

Plus, now that Audi is a pioneer in the world of clean and green driving, you can also add "saving the planet" to that list of similarities.

Pushing toward an electric future of driving, Audi has drastically improved upon their efficiency, driven down their CO2 levels, and increased their fuel economy to previously unimagined levels. Iron Man's latest vehicle of choice, the Audi e-tron, has been turning conservationists' heads left and right. 

With Audi's latest innovations in saving the earth, you can now feel like a superhero, too.

So what is it Audi owners love so much about their cars?

J. D. Power's annual survey has continually shown that Audi is a long-term top performer and highly-respected favorite among all automotive makes and models. This proved to be true whether Audi is pitted against budget brands, similarly priced brands, or something as pricey as a Bugatti. Audis also have shown to hold onto their value, costing you less in the long run and making for a smart investment.

The German automaker holds the crown in building cars with futuristic, superheroesque technology and drool-worthy style, with top-quality materials, dependability and precision. One customer describes the experience as so: "Close the door in an Audi, and it's as if you've closed the door to a bank vault. There's a such a tight seal, that the entire outside world gets sucked away when the door closes. Once inside, everything that you touch just feels perfect, filled with the best materials and ergonomically comfortable."

Anyway, are you really going to argue with Iron Man?

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